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Sailing on Diamond Lake

Sailing and sailboat racing remain a key attraction to today’s members.  The years have seen fleets come and go consistent with regional or national trends.  Cs, Snipes, Thistles, M16s, and Nationals all are fond memories.  At one time, Diamond Lake was the home of the largest Snipe fleet in the country.  Many are the parents and adults of today who remember their youth learning to sail in a Nipper, Sailfish, or Sunfish.

Today the DLYC races two fleets – MCs and Sunfish.  The MCs race on Saturday mornings at 10:15 and the Sunfish at 1:00 PM.  Our club dry sails with a working lift for easy in and out of the water sailing.  Our Pier has wrap around scow bumpers for easy docking as well.  

If you are interested in racing or helping on our race committee, contact Reid Francis at (269) 591-0060 or Austin Francis at (269) 591-0061.