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Bridge at the Diamond Lake Yacht Club is played throughout the summer.  Teams are formed in the Spring, and a schedule is then developed whereby every team plays every other team throughout the summer, usually on a weekly basis.  The location for these games is decided by the participants, however the club is open for bridge playing on Friday afternoons.  Many participants enjoy playing in their homes around the lake.  There is an Opening Party in the spring where participants bring an appetizer and plan time for socializing after the match.  In the Fall, there is a Closing Party when cash prizes are handed out to the top winners for the season.  Participants submit $15 at the Opening Party to fund the Closing Party and the prizes.  The contact person for bridge changes, so it’s best to ask some fellow members, or the Commodore, who is in charge if you are interested in joining the bridge group.
Here are some of the members playing in 2016 Bridge at the DLYC. This picture was taken at the Opening Bridge Party on 5/27, and unfortunately, a few players managed to slip away before the photo was taken..