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Dinghy and Scow Class

  • One week class starting July 15th and running for three (3) hours per day , four (4) days per week (usually Monday thru Thursday).  Beginning with Session 4, classes will be on Friday afternoon and Saturday.


  • Class will be limited to 10 sailors and is for intermediate skill and above sailors.

  • Young sailors should be between 10 and 16 years of age.

  • Instruction will begin with a land-based discussion and demonstrations of basic sailing technique. These will be followed by on the water instruction with emphasis on open water sailing and sailing under different wind conditions. An introduction of racing technique may be provided based on skill and desire of the students. Youth sailors may want to sign up for 2 or more sessions as their skills progress.

  • Instructions will be provided in a combination of Sunfish Dinghy and a Butterfly Scow depending on skill levels.