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Diamond Lake Youth Sailing

The Diamond Lake Yacht Club (DLYC) is located on Diamond Lake in the center of Cass County and was nominated as one of the top five inland sailing lakes in the state. With over 80 years of sailing tradition the DLYC has many members that grew up sailing on Diamond Lake and support the continuation of the tradition.  The sailing program at the DLYC is intended to lay a foundation for a  lifetime of interest in sailing. While many programs focus on racing it is the intent of the DLYC program to focus on learning the science of sailing, teaching basic sailing technique and getting kids in the boats and on the water for hands on experience and fun. Come join us for the start of a lifetime of fun.

Swimming skills must be assessed by our Lead Instructor prior to placement in a class.

Our Instructors

Lane Francis is our lead instructor and returning for his third year in that position. A junior at Trine University and an accomplished youth sailor and instructor and a graduate of the DLYC sailing program.

Genevieve Hesse is returning for her second year and handles many of the administrative issues in the program. A Sophomore at NYU and a graduate of the DLYC sailing program.
Timothy Hesse claims the Chicago Yacht Club as his home club is an accomplished young sailor. Timothy is in his second year as an instructor and a graduate of the DLYC sailing program.

Mason Coles served as an Intern last year and is moving up as a full time Instructor. Mason is an accomplished sailor in several sailboat types used on Diamond Lake.

Rachel Weiss sails her winter months in Florida and her summer months on Diamond Lake. A dedicated youth sailor she will be joining the staff this year.


Anne Coles-DLYC Youth Sailing Committee
269-591-0162 (cell)

Louis Csokasy-DLYC Youth Sailing Committee

Genevieve Hesse - Sailing Administrator

Amy Ball-DLYC Youth Committee Chair

Class Descriptions

Several types of sailing classes will be offered this year - Kinder Sailing, Learn to Sail, Intermediate Sailing, and Advanced Sailing.  To read a description of each class type, click on a button below.

Kinder Sailing Learn to Sail Intermediate Sailing Advanced Sailing

2021 Youth Sailing Class Schedule

June 21-24  All Skill Levels Session 1
June 28 - July 1          Learn to Sail Session 2
June 28 - July 1 Intermediate & Advanced Session 2
July 5 - 8 Kinder Sail (club members only)               Session 3
July 5 - 8 Learn to Sail Session 3
July 5 - 8 Intermediate & Advanced Session 3
July 12 - 15 Kinder Sail (club members only) Session 4
July 12 - 15 Learn to Sail Session 4
July 12 - 15 Intermediate & Advanced Session 4
July - 26 All Skill Levels Session 5
August 2 - 5 All Skill Levels Session 6

Kinder Sailing class from 10:00 to 12:00 Learn to Sail class from 9:00 to 12:00 Intermediate & Advanced class from 1:00 to 4:00 All Skill Levels from 1:00 to 4:00
All class enrollment is done on the Calendar. Click on the calendar button to be taken to the calendar. You will need to navigate to the month you want to enroll.     


Please Note: The information for this program is subject to change based on registration, attendance and final recommendation by the Lead Instructor. All participants should bring a life jacket, water bottle, change of clothes, water shoes and towel. Adventure class should bring a lunch.


Kinder Sail $ 100 per session-open to members only
Learn to Sail $ 120 per session members/ $160/ session non-members                                                                                
Intermediate Sailing Class $ 120 per session members/ $160/ session non-members                
Advanced Sailing Class $ 120 per session members/ $160/ session non-members                                                 
Private Lessons Set by lead instructor.

Youth sailing members have use of docks, boats and sports court, provided facilities are not being used for scheduled events.