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DLYC 2021 Youth Summer Programs

The 2021 youth activities are open to all lake residents and families. You do not need to be a DLYC member to participate, although members pay a lower price.   Registration will open in April.  This year, the youth programs will include sailing classes, swimming classes, and - new this year - wakeboard classes.

To register for classes, you will need go to the calendar.  All classes can accept only a limited number of students.

Youth Sailing

The Diamond Lake Yacht Club sailing program in open to all - members and non-members - and will focus on learning the science of sailing, teaching basic sailing technique and getting kids in the boats and on the water for hands-on experience and fun. This summer will include lessons in several classes: Learn to Sail (Optimist Dinghy or Opti) and Intermediate & Advanced (Sunfish and Butterfly). Our lead instructor Lane Francis is an accomplished youth sailor and a graduate of the Diamond Yacht Club program.  In addition to classes, there will also be a Fun Sail Day which will be limited to kids who have taken one of our classes.

The club owns 9 Opti sailboats, 7 Sunfish, and 3 420s that will be used for the classes.  Any student sailor who has an appropriate sailboat for the class they are taking is encouraged to bring their own boat.  for schedules and descriptions of the sailing classes, go to the Youth Sailing tab.

Youth Swimming

Our program is taught outdoors on the shoreline of the DLYC and is one of the few classes available in the area.  The program follows the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program YMCA swim lessons as taught by the YMCA of Southwest Michigan.  The program is designed for children of all ages.  All members and non-members of the DLYC will be required to sign a release form prior to participation.  Registration for this class is through the YMCA.  For more information about the youth swimming classes, go to the Youth Swimming tab.

Youth Wakeboarding Clinic

New this year, the yacht club will be offering wakeboarding classes in conjunction with The Boarder Line in Dowagiac.  Classes will be held here on Diamond Lake.  For more information about this clinic, go to the Youth Wakeboarding tab.